Residential & Commercial HVAC Services in Ottawa, KS & Beyond

Since 2002, All Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating has provided heating and cooling services to families and businesses in Ottawa, Franklin, Johnson, Anderson, Douglas, Miami and Osage Counties. Our team is comprised of licensed mechanical contractors, insured and bonded who are associates of applied science residential service technicians.

Our technicians are factory trained and EPA certified, ensuring the highest quality, most innovative HVAC services possible. We are proud to be dealers of Amana equipment.


Commercial Maintenance Club

All Seasons offers a Commercial Maintenance Club. The Commercial Plan can range from just cleaning the HVAC systems and changing filters to doing refrigeration equipment as well. We can schedule either twice a year or quarterly. Please call our office for more information and pricing.

Residential Maintenance Membership

All Seasons offers memberships to our Maintenance Club. The Maintenance Club starts at a cost of $149 per year per system*. Each membership includes two visits to the home; one to clean the AC and another to maintain the furnace. The technician does a mechanical safety and performance inspection on the unit and changes the filters. The most common size of 1 inch filter is included into the Maintenance Agreement cost. Those with a 5 inch filter, have an additional charge. Each Maintenance Club member receives priority appointments and a discount on services.

*This cost varies by how many units are located in the home.

Duct Cleaning

All Seasons offers Duct Cleaning services priced at $680. This includes Rotobrush duct work, return ducts, and main supply cleanings, along with an odor neutralizer that helps relieve the odors in the air.

*This pricing is for 10 vents. Additional fees added on for more vents.

**Up to 10 feet.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating


All Seasons services commercial appliances of all brands and many types. Some of our varieties of refrigeration are, but not limited to: make tables, walk in coolers or freezers, reach in coolers or freezers, oven hoods, ice machines, toasters, warmers, Steam Wells, and more. We also install walk in coolers and freezers.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating
All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

We provide regular inspections and upkeep to help prevent unexpected breakdowns or interruptions in your heating and cooling systems. Our experienced technicians identify issues early, perform regular tune-ups, and provide any necessary repairs to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Our goal is to increase the longevity of your equipment, ensure occupant comfort, and help reduce energy costs.

Temperature Control

Amana Air Conditioners are a great way to cool a home in the summer. Not only are they affordable but also very efficient. The SEER Rating for air conditioners range from 13 to 21. A 21 SEER is the more efficient. An air conditioner removes the heat and humidity in a room, which then is turned into cold air that is pushed through the vents to cool the home. Each install with All Seasons comes with a year of maintenance on the installed units. The maintenance membership consists of changing filters and check mechanical, safety, and performance.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

Amana furnaces help heat homes by forcing the hot air through the duct work. Furnaces range from 80% to 97% efficiency. Each efficiency helps provide a greater level of comfort throughout the home. All Seasons installs many two different brands of furnaces and each furnace installed comes with a year of maintenance club membership.

All Seasons offers the purchase and installation of a selection of boilers. We offer standard and high efficiency residential boilers. Boilers make less noise and have a more consistent heat than a standard furnace.

Heat pumps are an all in one air conditioning and heating unit. There are three different types of heat pumps, each one having a different efficiency rating. Heat pumps release little to no carbon emissions and no pollution. With the heat pump, there is also no documented evidence of carbon monoxide. Heat pumps save 30-70% of heating costs in the winter and 20-50% of cooling costs in the summer. Each unit installed by All Seasons comes with a year of maintenance club membership.

Zoning an HVAC system is when dampers are used in the ductwork to regulate and redirect air to different areas of the home. Multiple thermostats can be used to keep different floors of the house at desired temperatures. This is especially helpful in summer months when heat floats up.

There is a multitude of options when it comes to thermostats and All Seasons has them all. Well, almost all. We sell two different brands: Honeywell and Pro1. We’ve got Easy Read, Programmable, Wifi, Smart stats, and Touch Screen. We’ll even go old school, and put in a manual if that is what you prefer.

Roof top units are popular in the commercial field because they are simple, compact, and self contained units. They offer a flexible way to provide heating and cooling to large areas that are side by side buildings or by floor on floor. They are efficient as well as fast and easy to install.

Ductless Mini-Splits is a wall mounted all-in-one air conditioning and heating unit that is perfect for homes with little to no duct work. Each head can be set to different temperatures. One outdoor condensing unit can have up to four heads attached to it.

A Mini Split is also a good option to have if you are wanting to heat and cool your shop or garage without taking up valuable space. All Seasons installs many different brands of Mini Splits in homes as well as commercial. Each system installed by All Seasons comes with a year of maintenance club membership.

We provide efficient and targeted heating solutions for industrial and commercial spaces, ensuring warmth and comfort with gas-fired infrared technology. From installation to maintenance, our team is dedicated to delivering effective heating solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our unit heater services offer efficient and versatile heating solutions, providing warmth and comfort through standalone heating systems that are easy to install and maintain. We ensure customized solutions based on your specific needs and energy source preferences.

PTAC units, or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, are self-contained heating and cooling systems commonly used in hotels, hospitals, apartments, and other commercial or residential spaces. They are installed through the wall and provide both heating and cooling capabilities, with controls typically located on the unit itself or in a wall-mounted thermostat.

We provide specialized heating and cooling solutions tailored to the unique needs of mobile homes. Whether you require a packaged unit, a split system, or a ductless mini-split, our experienced technicians will ensure efficient installation, reliable performance, and optimal comfort for your mobile home.

Our Smart Thermostat services offer advanced control and optimization for your heating and cooling systems. With remote monitoring, energy-saving algorithms, and intelligent features, our technicians ensure seamless integration and enhanced comfort for your home.

Air Quality

Electronic Air Cleaners use electronically charged filters to reduce the number of airborne pollutants in the home. Electronic air cleaners use reusable filters and are highly effective in relieving allergy symptoms.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

Your indoor comfort level is impacted by the humidity in the home. The “feels like” temp is affected by the speed of evaporation of the moisture in the air. A Humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air and helps regulate the “feels like” temperature of the home.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

An iWave is a new advanced air cleaner that has a technology called needlepoint bipolar ionization. It produces an electrical charge to clean the air and reduces viruses and bacteria. An iWave reduces odors, smoke, and keeps the coil cleaner. It also has a programmable cleaning cycle.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

Hot Water Tanks

All Seasons services and installs all brands of power vent, electric, gas and propane hot water tanks as well as all sizes. The most popular hot water tanks serviced are 40 or 50 gallons. We also offer tankless hot water heaters. A tankless water heater provides immediate hot water, but at fewer amounts available; suitable for smaller homes. Tankless heaters are more energy efficient and consume less space than the typical hot water tank.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

Our Water Heater Maintenance service aims to keep your water heater running efficiently and effectively. Our experienced technicians perform regular inspections, flush out sediment buildup, check for leaks and malfunctions, and perform any necessary repairs to increase the longevity of your system.


All Seasons provides limited plumbing services. Of course we offer hot water tank and boiler services, but did you know we also fix dripping faucets, leaking toilets, clogged drains, and install new fixtures.

All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating
All Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating

We offer drain auguring service to clear clogs and drain jettering service to remove stubborn blockages.

Our services include toilet repair and replacement to address any issues with your toilets.

Repairing and replacing garbage disposals to ensure proper functionality and efficient disposal of food waste.

Our services cover main line clearing to remove obstructions and main line replacement for damaged sewer lines.

We offer repair services for leaking pipes, shower heads, and faucets to prevent water damage and conserve water.

We provide plumbing installation services, including piping, fixtures, and connections, for new construction projects.

Other Services

Our duct cleaning service removes dust, debris, and other contaminants from your building's air ducts, improving air quality and reducing energy costs.

Our dryer vent cleaning service removes lint buildup, preventing potential fire hazards and reducing drying time.

Our fire damper inspection service checks for proper functioning of fire dampers, ensuring your building is up to code and safe in case of a fire.

Our gas line capping and repair service ensures the safe and proper functioning of gas lines, preventing leaks and any potential hazards.

Our duct work repair and replacement service addresses any leaks, blockages, or other issues in your building's air duct system, improving overall air quality and airflow.

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  • New HVAC
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  • New Construction HVAC & Duct Work
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It was a pleasure working with All Seasons. The techs were very polite and knowledgeable, and they were able to answer all of my questions. They did a great job on the unit, and the pricing was fair as well! ”
— Remy Boyd